The ClimbScotland Fun Boulder Competition (CSFBC) is Scotland’s entry-level bouldering competition. The self-scoring format and on-line registration of scores make it so easy to have a go.

The CSFBC focus is on young climbers who are just starting out in competitions. It offers a great way to have a go at competition climbing, perhaps for the first time ever, and compete against your friends whether they are from your school, in your youth group or your climbing club or squad

Climbers compete in the age categories used in all our youth competitions (see below) and can take part as individuals, although each climber can also select to have their scores counted for a team, competing on behalf of a school, a climbing club or climbing wall squad. But remember, competitors can only compete for one team! See the regulations below for details of the teams.

NOTE: The top climbers from the Youth Climbing Series (those selected to the Scotland Development Squad and the Scotland Talent Squad) are not eligible to compete in the CSFBC to ensure a fairer grass-roots competition.

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NICAS are the official sponsors of the 2024 ClimbScotland Fun Bouldering Competition

How it works

The CSFBC has a simple format with a free-to-enter drop-in qualifying round at participating walls across Scotland, and an on-line scoring system. In future years we will also organise a Grand Final, inviting the top climbers in each category to attend.

The Qualifying round

The qualifying round for all categories will be held between TBC.

Each category has eight problems to try, each problem has a ‘top’ hold and a ‘zone’ hold – just like the Olympic format! The goal is to try and score as many ‘tops’ and ‘zones’ as you can, in as few attempts as possible. For each of the eight problems you have five attempts. You can try all the problems in one visit or complete the problems over a couple of sessions. The problems will be up at your local bouldering wall for four to five weeks, so you can drop in any time in that period to give them a go.

Simply pick up a score sheet at your local hosting wall (see the list below) during the competition period and get your parent, teacher, group leader or the climbing wall instructor or coach to support you as an allocated scoring judge. Once you have completed all eight problems, your self-score can be registered on-line by your allocated judge or by you.

All online scores must be submitted by midnight on TBC

What category am I in?

There are six categories based on your year of birth:

Where are the qualifying rounds?

You can enter any of the ten participating climbing walls at the following locations across Scotland (NB: this list may change):

Please contact your local participating wall before taking groups along.

The Grand Final

We’re running this years CSFBC as a pilot competiton. As time is tight we will unfortunately not be able to organise a grand final. Instead, the top three winners in each category will receive podium certificates and an invite to attend the Youth Climbing Series which follows in September (which has two roped events and two boulder events). The highest ranked ‘Team’ will also be recognised. Next year we hope to run a grand final for the CSFBC, similiar to our ClimbScotland Fun Roped comp grand final.

How much does it cost?

Entry to the competition is free. However you will have to pay the normal entry to the climbing wall, or for the use of an instructor/coach at the climbing wall. Please contact your local host wall to find out more.

Entering your scores for the CSFBC

Simply gain a paper scorecard from the climbing centre you are using. Alternatively you can download a pdf copy from below. You should use the paper scorecard to keep a record of your scores and attempts. Keep it safe in case of Appeals. All competitors need to record their results via our online Google Form.

Deadline for entering scores

All scores must be registered online by midnight on the TBC. You will not be able to record scores after this time, and any scores not entered will not be accepted.

Recording Your Individual Score

The scoresheet is your responsibility. You should not leave it at the climbing centre nor should you send it to ClimbScotland.

When you have finished your attempts you must record your scores using this google form.

Please retain your scoresheet after recording your score online. It may be required if any queries arise about your score.

You must check the accuracy of any information supplied as any errors may invalidate your entry.

Please be aware that the email address you supply will be used to invite any category winners to the Grand Final, where applicable. Please ensure this is a valid, monitored email address.

Recording scores if you are a Teacher / Instructor / Youth Leader or Coach

Please note:

  • Teams will be added to the list manually and may take up to 24 hours to complete. You will be notified by e-mail when this has been completed.
  • After entering all of your competitors scores, please retain the paper scoresheets as these may be required if there are any queries with any of the scores.
  • You must check the accuracy of any information supplied as any errors may invalidate your entries.
  • Please be aware that the email address you supply will be used to invite any category winners to the Grand Final, where applicable. It will also be used to send a copy (receipt) of the information you have submitted. Please ensure this is a valid, monitored email address.

More information

For more detailed information about the CSFBC, check out the following documents or contact us at :

  • CSFBC rules (pdf)
  • CSFBC score card (pdf)
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