Mountain Training are a collection of awarding bodies for skills courses and qualifications in walking, climbing and mountaineering.

Nationally recognised awards developed by Mountain Training are available for climbing, hill walking and mountaineering. These are industry standard awards if you are looking to work in the outdoor industry. The training courses alone offer a fantastic insight into the technical side of the activities.

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Indoor Climbing

Climbing Wall Instructor

Climbing Wall Instructors deliver climbing sessions on artificial climbing walls. They can instruct and supervise climbing on bouldering walls, roped climbing walls and auto belays.

Climbing Wall Development Instructor

Climbing Wall Development Instructors provide the next level of progression to climbers on artificial climbing walls, including teaching lead climbing.

Outdoor Climbing

Rock Climbing Instructor

Rock Climbing Instructors deliver climbing sessions on real rock and artificial climbing walls. They can instruct and supervise roped climbing on single pitch crags and outdoor boulders as well as indoor walls, bouldering walls and auto belays.

Rock Climbing Development Instructor

Rock Climbing Development Instructors can support climbers to become fully independent lead climbers on single pitch crags. They can teach all the elements involved in sport or trad single pitch lead climbing.


Foundation Coach

A Foundation Coach can help new and improving climbers with the fundamental movement skills of climbing. Foundation Coaches typically work with a group of individuals and may coach underneath a more experienced Development Coach.

Development Coach

A Development Coach is focused on helping climbers improve over a series of sessions, in a climber-centred style.

Performance Coach

Performance Coaches work with climbers over a long period of time and will structure annual plans for individuals, often within climbing squads or academies.