National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NICAS®) offer an introduction to climbing and provide a gateway to learning more and developing a love for the sport.

NICAS is delivered a number of indoor climbing venues across Scotland. To find out which venues offer NICAS, check out the Find a Centre map on their website.


The key aim of NICAS is to provide an introduction to climbing for anyone aged 7 years and up on artificial climbing structures (e.g indoor climbing walls). Those who progress through to the higher levels also start to look wider and learn more about the history, ethics and styles of both indoor and outdoor climbing.

The nationally-recognised scheme helps to standardise the teaching and coaching of climbing in a structured manner, whilst providing lots of fun.

All involved – whether climber, parent, coach – can easily monitor and record skill development and progression through use of our structured scheme.

NICAS is available for both roped and bouldering activities.

There are around 240 centres that run NICAS schemes. Between them they have introduced over 120,000 young people to climbing. With logbooks to work through and certificates for achievement, the schemes give candidates a great start to their climbing journeys.