Climbing offers people a variety of benefits, including personal fitness. Climbing is also a very social activity, with a really diverse community, with people from all walks of life and backgrounds taking part.

What are the benefits of climbing?

Cognitive Skills

I can be creative when deciding the moves required to complete a climb

I use problem-solving skills before and during climbing to decide which movements are required

I have to focus to make sure I climb efficiently

I need to concentrate on the movement of my body to improve my performance

I have to follow the instructions given to me to perform the task

Physical Competencies

I use my kinaesthetic awareness to enable me to orientate my body appropriately

I use my gross motor skills to perform more complex climbing moves

I use rhythm and timing to climb efficiently

I can use coordination and fluency to link my climbing movements

I can control and adjust my body position to allow me to stay balanced when climbing

I use my fine motor skills to grip holds in a variety of ways

Physical Fitness

I develop all aspects of my physical fitness to perform a variety of climbing moves

I have the flexibility to climb efficiently

I can use my core stability to keep balanced and in control

I use strength and stamina to succeed at my climb

I can vary the speed of my movement to stay in control

Personal Qualities

It is my responsibility to behave in a safe and appropriate manner when taking part in climbing activities

I am determined and will use my resilience to develop as a climber

I use my leadership skills when climbing to help motivate my peers

I am respectful and tolerant of others

I can communicate in a variety of ways to stay safe and learn

As I discover new climbing skills my confidence increases

More information

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