There are three Fundamentals workshops, each building the knowledge and skills of the coach from working with novices when they’re at that tricky stage of learning the basic climbing skills, through to more advanced key skills required to climb more complex terrain.

The workshops are ideal for anyone working with children or novice adult climbers including coaches and climbing wall staff, teachers and Active Schools Coordinators, youth workers, Duke of Edinburgh or Scouts and Guides leaders, parents or club members. They are also a great way to develop your own climbing and technique for anyone that wants to take their climbing to the next level.

Fundamentals of climbing 1: Movement

This first workshop looks at the very basics of climbing, focusing on balance and movement and the key principles of the sport.

Fundamentals of climbing 2: Technique

The Fundamentals of Climbing 2 investigates in greater detail many of the most basic sport-specific techniques (movements), building on the key movements in Fundamentals of Climbing 1 and developing them from the off-vertical (slab) medium to vertical and overhanging medium.

Fundamentals of climbing 3: Advanced movement and technique

This workshop presents a big step forward. It builds on the movement and technique content of F1 and F2 and combines the theory and the practical elements of those workshops being delivered in more challenging situations.

Physical training workshops

There are currently two workshops, the first giving a basic level of knowledge of human biology and physiology, and an introduction to the theory of training. The second is a two-day workshop going into more detail for personalised climbing-specific coaching. 

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