Climbing a couple of times a week with your friends will definitely see your abilities and grades increase. But many climbers find that to gain real improvements, they have to train a bit smarter.

This training can involve using the normal climbing wall routes and boulder problems as a physical training exercise or the performance area of a climbing gym with its circuit boards, system boards and training aids. Along with physical training, we also need to train our technical and tactical skills to improve our climbing performance. Indeed, for most climbers, particularly those starting out or with moderate experience, far more can be gained from honing their technique than from gains in physical strength or endurance.

ClimbScotland Scottish Youth Squads

Youth Squad selection: At the end of the Youth Climbing Series qualifying rounds each year we take the top scoring young climbers based on their rankings in the rounds YCS and they then qualify for the Scottish Youth Development Squad.

Youth Development Squad Academies: All members of the Scottish Youth Development Squad are offered the opportunity to attend a series of weekend coaching academies throughout the year to help them increase their climbing performance with workshops in technique, physical training, competition psychology and practice as well as outdoor RealRock climbing sessions. The Squad academies are organised by ClimbScotland and delivered by our endorsed coaches and coaches from local climbing walls and are offered at cost price to enable as many to attend as possible.

In addition, Scottish-based members of the GB Youth Development Squad (Youth A, B and C) and/or other GB Junior Teams are automatically invited to be members of the ClimbScotland Youth Squad and are eligible to participate in the coaching academies. (Please note: as of 2018, members of the GB Youth Development Squad are not eligible to take part in the YCS competition – all categories). Other competitors in other disciplines such as the UIAA ice climbing competitions, are eligible to take part in the YCS and to try for selection of the YCS Team if they have competed in the required number of YCS rounds.

This squad system allows ClimbScotland to target support to climbers from across all areas of Scotland who have shown talent and commitment.

Scottish Climbing Walls’ Support Programme: Every year ClimbScotland organises Scottish climbing walls’ support to the squad (both GB and Scottish) and the YCS Team. This year we are pleased to have 13 walls signed up as part of the programme. Full details can be found on the link below.

Fundamentals of Climbing Workshops

The ClimbScotland Fundamentals (Fundas) workshops are aimed at anyone who climbs and who wants to improve their technique and performance.

The workshops concentrate on techniques required to make climbing more efficient, whether climbing indoors or outside. They will enhance your knowledge and skills whether you simply climb for yourself, are a parent who is supporting your child or a youth worker or a full-time climbing coach wishing to gain the Mountain Training Coaching Awards.

The workshops are designed and delivered by ClimbScotland and selected partners in Scotland as one-day workshops.

For more course information and how to book visit the Mountaineering Scotland website.

Physical Training Workshops

The ClimbScotland Physical Training workshops are aimed at anyone who climbs and who wants to get stronger and fitter

We offer one workshop (PT1) which concentrates on the basics for physical training. If you wish to structure some of your time at your local climbing wall to train endurance and strength then this is the workshop for you. You will enhance your personal knowledge and training skills. The workshop is also a required module for climbing coaches wishing to gain the Mountain Training Coaching Awards.

Physical Training 1 investigates the basics of all physical training (the ‘biomotor abilities’), a basic introduction to human anatomy and physiology, and energy systems that determine the key principles of training that create adaptions for strength, endurance and power. Finally, it gives some useful ideas of how to use a climbing wall to train these. Minimum age 16.

ClimbScotland Coach & Route Setting Pathway

Our Coaching and Route Setting pathways offer you the chance to work alongside the best coaches and setters in the country, progress your skills, and work at the top end of coaching and setting in Scotland.

Coaching Awards

If you would like to progress beyond the basics with your climbing coaching, then the best option is Mountain Training UK’s Coaching Awards.

There are three levels of award. Each level has a training session, a period gaining experience including attending a series of coaching workshops, and an assessment session.

  • LEVEL 1: Foundation Coach (minimum age to register: 16; minimum age for assessment: 17)
  • LEVEL 2: Development Coach (minimum age to register: 18)
  • LEVEL 3: Performance Coach (yet to be launched)

For full details and registration visit the Mountain Training website.

Inclusive Climbing Workshops

Info coming soon…

Coaching sessions for young climbers within clubs

ClimbScotland organises coaching sessions for young climbers, delivered by expert climbing coaches.

Club coaching: Our Regional Development Officers can deliver tailor-made coaching sessions to Mountaineering Scotland affiliated clubs. This is a chance to get expert advice and coaching for your club members. Sessions can cater for novices through to those who have been climbing a while but wish to get better!