McLaren Leisure Centre

Indoor Roped Climbing in Callander

The climbing wall is in a small dedicated space. It recently underwent a substantial upgrade and is a useful venue if living locally or rained off climbing in the area. It is 10m high and has 11 rope lines on slabs, vertical walls and some steeper sections. There is an active local club that uses the wall.

  • Roped Climbing (11 rope lines)
  • Three auto-belays
  • Grades cater for novice to intermediate climbers
  • Public climbing is by booking only in one hour sessions
  • There is a maximum capacity of 8 persons or 2 families
  • The person making the booking must have a valid climbing wall user card

There are eight sport routes on the OMC Wall on the Callander Craig above the village. The climbs were established in 2016. The rock is conglomerate and there is still the occasional loose pebble but its fun and the grades are in the 5, 5+ and 6a range.(PHOTO: Perth Mountaineering Club)

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