Scottish Dry-Tooling Club

Introducing the sport of dry-tooling and competitive ice climbing to new and experienced climbers.

The club’s main goal is to be inclusive. We want to remove the ‘dark art’ reputation of the sport and make it a common goal for climbers to want to progress in tooling, the same as they would in other disciplines. We have GB athletes volunteering to help provide coaching alongside route-setters that provide tooling specific routes for all abilities. We hope we will increase interest in tooling and open the eyes of many climbers to the Scottish winter climbing scene with a grass routes entry into the world of using axes and development pathways to progress in the sport towards competition climbing.

How it works

We realise our mission through organisation of indoor and outdoor events for our members, as well as informal training sessions. These events are an opportunity for both beginner and seasoned Dry-Toolers to benefit from coaching from the more experienced club members, including the GB Ice Climbing Team members. We set Dry-Tooling specific routes at our events with Tooling holds that cant be experienced anywhere else in the UK. We have a store of equipment owned by the club that is accessible to our members.

If you would like to give Dry-Tooling a go, but are not quite sure whether the membership is for you, you can attend up to two of our events as a signed in guest of a full club member.

We are a Mountaineering Scotland affiliated club and our annual membership includes the Mountaineering Scotland membership too.

Club Documents

  • Constitution
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