Third Ridge

Introducing Third Ridge, Skyes new and only indoor climbing wall

The mighty Cuillin ridge – a jewel in the crown of any Mountaineer – black and spikey, it’s presence ever-felt. The Trotternish ridge, backbone of the North, a beautiful dichotomy – one side a green and pleasant ramble, the other a wild Jurassic fault. And now, there’s a new ridge in town – a vertical world an alien landscape, twisted architecture adorned with fluoro shapes. Enter a different dimension, welcome to Third Ridge.

Third ridge is a climber-run wall located in Portree on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Our custom plywood climbing wall provides a colourful and friendly retreat on a dreich day while you’re waiting for your project to dry, or just a great way to spend some time doing something new with your family and friends . We have both lead and bouldering rooms, with routes ranging from a few metres high to 10m. With regular setting of new routes, there’s always fresh problems to unlock and grades from very basic to basically impossible.

  • Inductions for beginners
  • Kids’ Clubs
  • Taster Sessions
  • Drop-in Open sessions
  • Learn to Lead
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