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There are lots of ways to get involved both indoors and outdoors.

Without the support of our amazing volunteers, youth climbing clubs and ClimbScotland climbing competitions and events just wouldn’t be possible. Find out more about the various roles and how you can get more involved in the Scottish climbing scene.

Volunteer Roles

Competition Volunteers

ClimbScotland organise several different levels of competition, mainly for young competitors including:

How you can get involved:

Competition volunteer roles

Competition Category Judge

Being a comp judge is one of the easiest ways to support the work we do. No previous knowledge or experience is required as we provide free training and the scoring system is easy to understand.

If you wish to volunteer as a judge you will need to read the Judges Responsibility Form (pdf).

Top Rope Belayer

If you are a competent top rope belayer then why not help out at one of our roped climbing events. Free training and skills-refresher checks are available prior to events for those who register to volunteer.

If you wish to volunteer as a Top Rope belayer you will need to read the Volunteer Top Rope Belayer Competency Agreement (pdf).

Lead Belayer

If you are a competent lead belayer then why not help out at one of our roped climbing events. Free training and skills-refresher checks are available prior to events for those who register to volunteer.

If you wish to volunteer as a Lead belayer you will need to read the Volunteer Lead Belayer Competency Agreement (pdf)

Competition Marshall

Marshalls take on various roles which help the competitions run smoothly and safely:

  • Exit Control: when it is not possible to allow spectators / parents / guardians into the venue we ensure that competitors wishing to leave for whatever reason, are logged out only when parents are available to meet them. Marshalls are supplied with full named lists of competitors and they can also be logged back into the venue if required.
  • Warm-up supervision: the Marshall supervises competitors to make sure they adhere to the safety guidance at the wall when undertaking warm-up prior to the start of the climbing. They will alos ensure competitors know when they are required for competitor briefings. The warm-up areas in bouldering events are usually in the same sections of the wall where the competition problems are set, so Marshalls are required to ensure competitors do not touch any of the competition problems. Warm-up areas are usually seperated according to age categories.
  • Isolation supervision: competitors will often have to remain in isolation before a final. This can take up to several hours. They require supervision to ensure their safety, generally and when warming up (usually bouldering) but also when requireing comfort breaks etc.
  • Chaperones: some comps (particularly roped events) require chaperones to escort groups of climbers in their different age categories around the climbing arena, to the routes they have to complete on the day. Chaperones are provided with full details of the group they are responsible for on the day of an event. This is great role which allows you to encourage your groups to support each other.
  • General supervision: at any time throughout the day and between various parts of the event, the marshalls can be asked to ensure the safety of both competitors and spectators (if we are able to accommodate them) whilst in the arena. They may also be asked to help with registration.

Competition Coordinators

We have a team of coordinators who take on specific roles in all our competitions. It can take experiencing a few competitions to learn the ropes and so most continue in their roles for a good few years. But we sometimes need additional help and a successor when a coordinator retires. There is a single volunteer for each role and the duties are as follows:

Jury President

This position has overall responsibility for the event on the day. He or she runs the whole event, ensures the routes are all set and marked up for the relevent category with the appropriate route-cards, and conducts the category judges briefing with correct route maps, and gives the competitors briefing so they know what they are doing. The Jury President makes all necessary announcements. This Coordinator is also the Chief Judge to which all appeals are directed and if there are issues of behaviour against the codes and rules of the event or specific complaints, will organise a disciplinary hearing.

Scoring Officer

The Scoring Officer is usually IT (spreadsheet) experienced and inputs all the competitor data and prints off score-cards and Judges competitor lists. Before any competition, the competitors must register and receive either a competitor vest number or a score-card, depending on the discipline. The Scoring Officer operates this element of registration. volunteer belayers and judges must also register and receive competitor lists as applicable. This means volunteer help on the registration desk is always required.

Safety Officer

At every competition there is a designated person who will conduct the belay briefings and skills-refresher checks for roped events, as well as take responsibility for the standard of belaying throughout the event. He or she also organises the volunteers to make sure they get adequate rests, food and drink and support if needed.

RealRock Volunteer

We run RealRock outdoor climbing sessions for under 18’s throughout spring, summer and autumn. These are run by experienced coaches who hold the Mountain Training Coaching Awards and either the RCDI or MCI award. The sessions cover a wide spectrum of abilities, from those who are just getting started with outdoor bouldering, to those who are wanting to learn to improve their trad or sport lead climbing.

RealRock sessions are a great opportunity for those who are working towards their RCI or RCDI to gain valuable experience shadowing a qualified instructor working with clients. Equally, if you just want to volunteer for the sessions that is also most welcome.

The RealRock page has a list of session dates – if you would like to attend please contact our Regional Development Officer Calum McBain

Club Volunteer

ClimbScotland supports many youth focused climbing clubs that are affiliated with Mountaineering Scotland. They cover the whole of Scotland from Edinburgh and Glasgow, all the way up to Orkney. Many of these clubs are fully run and supported by volunteers and many would welcome any new volunteers who are keen to get involved.

Have a look at the list of clubs and contact details here:

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Read our Volunteer Code of Conduct that explains our expectations for those who represent ClimbScotland and Mountaineering Scotland as volunteers.

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