Although bouldering requires minimal gear it is not an ‘anything goes’ activity and it is expected that those taking part will be aware of their responsibilities as well as the freedoms of the sport. A simple code has been drawn up which, if followed, will ensure that Scotland’s bouldering remains as it is now – some of the best in the world.

The Code

  • Chipping holds is cheating you & future climbers of the challenge
  • Clean holds with brushes that don’t damage the rock
  • Use bouldering mats to reduce ground erosion & vegetation damage
  • Climb with clean, dry rock shoes to avoid mud building up on the holds
  • Keep chalk use to a minimum & brush off afterwards when possible
  • Dry holds with a clean cloth & avoid climbing on soft rock when wet when holds may snap off
  • Remove all litter when you leave
  • Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code