Why do you like climbing/ mountaineering?

I love the social element and the community feel climbing has. It is a great way to stay fit/active and so many ways you can take part. It is also a great way to escape from the world.

What do you like about working with the team?

The Psych with in the team for climbing! Also there is a wealth of knowledge in the team and feel that everyone brings some different to the table that we can all learn from on a day to day basis.

Full Q&A with Jamie

Jamie Smith

Development Manager

What is your favourite type of climbing?

I love trad climbing and bouldering, although I do my share of sport as well. I’m particularly drawn to sea cliffs – a hangover from my formative days in Devon and Cornwall – although I’ve climbed on virtually every crag in Scotland. Since moving up to Scotland in the early eighties, I became obsessed with climbing first ascents as there was so much unclimbed rock and I have done over 800 new routes at the last count.

Where do you climb the most?

Although I climbed all over the UK, Ireland, Europe and America, Scotland is easily the best climbing venue. I have spent the last 20 years climbing on the Scottish islands, particularly the Bishop’s Isles (Sandray, Mingulay, Pabbay and Berneray) south of Barra. Nowhere else compares! Here’s our last trip.

Full Q&A with Kevin

Kevin Howett

Sports Development Officer

How did you get involved in climbing?

I first got into climbing when I went to my friend's birthday party at the Glasgow Climbing Centre when I was 9. I went in and out of climbing for the next few years until I went to university, where I got really into climbing, especially outside and I was really involved with my unviersity mountaineering club. After university I continued working at climbing walls and as a freelance coach as I really enjoyed the work and the flexibility it gave to go climbing myself.

Where do you climb the most?

If i'm honest probably indoors mostly! Although whenever the weather is good I try to make the most of it and get to the more remote parts of Scotland, my favourite place is anywhere in the North West or the Hebrides. When time allows I also regularly like to escape to the sunny crags of Spain, whether thats bouldering in Albaraccin or cranking hard in Siurana.

Full Q&A with Calum

Calum McBain

Regional Development Offer (East)

Why do you like climbing?

That is a hard question... EVERYTHING! There are so many reason to like climbing. How it keeps your body and mind fit, how it challenges you, how it's the ultimate form of movement expression, how it lets you escape any and all things going on in the world around you.

But... I love climbing for how it connects us all. "It's more about the people than the climbing". I can't remember every climb I've done or every routes I've tried, but I remember the times I have spent with awesome people. I love that through climbing my family has grown internationally. Through climbing I've seen people start families, make best friends and join a community that welcomes any climber with open arms. All climbers are instantly best friends because we share such an awesome thing together.

... And I like being on high things!

Full Q&A with Robert

Robert MacKenzie

Regional Debelopment Officer (West)

What made you want to join the ClimbScotland team?

As a parent and volunteer I am really impressed by ClimbScotland’s work and realise much of this is only possible through the support of many dedicated and talented volunteers; I am very proud to be part of this team.

What is your role?

I am the Director for ClimbScotland. I work with the ClimbScotland staff team and sit on the Moutaineering Scotland Board. ClimbScotland is part of Mountaineering Scotland, and is the Governing Body for Sport Climbing in Scotland.

What do you like about working with the team?

The ClimbScotland team are expert and passionate about climbing and mountaineering. They are fun, supportive, inclusive and eager to share their knowledge and love of climbing with everyone from first time climbers all the way through to Olympic hopefuls.

Full Q&A with Lucy

Lucy Fraser

ClimbScotland Director (Volunteer)

Why do you like climbing/ mountaineering?

I don’t like, it I love it������. competitions are everything to me. If I walk away at the end of an event satisfied I played. Part in the organisation and delivery off a professional, timely, fun event within the comp rules, then job done.

What do you like about working with the team?

Forward thinking, supportive and all round Good fun. we work well together.

What is your role?

I am currently Competition Officer for Scotland South Region (and I’m going nowhere).

Full Q&A with Scott

Scott Forsyth

Competition Coordinator (Volunteer)

Why do you like climbing/ mountaineering?

My interest is purely as a spectator, but as an ex Scout leader for me, it has always been about encouraging our young people to get outdoors to enjoy and explore the natural environment and what it has to offer. So it is great to see young people taking up a sport in which they can participate both inside and outdoors and actively enjoy and engage with the great outdoors of Scotland, which promotes a sense of adventure they can take into other aspects of their lives in the future as they grow older.

Full Q&A with Anthea

Anthea MacKenzie

Competition Coordinator (Volunteer)

Why do you like climbing/ mountaineering?

Climbing has changed my life around after losing my leg in an accident in 2010, I’ve regained my self belief and confidence. I now run the Scottish Paraclimbing Club and activity encourage others with disabilities to get involved in climbing.

What is your main ambitions with your role?

Besides progressing Paraclimbing in Scotland, it’s to keep the competitions running and to progress and help the sport we all love.

Full Q&A with Keith

Keith Lycnh

Competition Coordinator (Volunteer)

Tell us about your connection with climbing?

In 2012 I took my 4 year old son along to our local climbing wall and he absolutely loved it. A few years later he started to compete in the Youth Climbing Series which he still competes in. More recently, my daughter has also started climbing and when I can, I try to get on a wall!

What is your role?

My role is the Chief Competition Coordinator and Chief Judge for the North Rounds of the Youth Climbing Series.

Full Q&A with Gareth

Gareth Cordiner

Competition Coordinator (Volunteer)

How long have you been involved in climbing/ mountaineering?

I’ve been climbing since I was 8 years old.

Why do you like climbing/ mountaineering?

Climbing is a sport that challenges both mentally and physically while also being very social and enjoyable.

Full Q&A with Alex

Alexander Bosi

Competition Coordinator (Volunteer)

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