Mike Mullins

What is your role?

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I currently work with ClimbScotland as one of two National Coaches, to support the development of Scottish climbing athletes.

What made you want to join the ClimbScotland team?

I was keen to have the opportunity to add my experience and voice to the development of coaching climbing in Scotland. I’m also really excited to be working with a strong team of experienced coaches to share ideas and support our athletes.

Why do you like climbing?

Climbing is an incredible way to see the world, be in nature, and meet lots of wonderful people along the way. There’s something uniquely satisfying about moving well, and the problem-solving aspect allows for a perfect blend of physical and mental challenge.

What made you want to work in climbing?

I was lucky to be involved in routesetting from an early age, which was probably my first hint that working in the climbing industry might be worth exploring. I’ve always enjoyed the community, and seeing the positive effects that climbing can have on people. Working in climbing is a great way of being at the heart of the community and to help it to grow, whether it’s through teaching others or setting blocs.

What is your favourite type of climbing?

Bouldering has been my main focus for a long time, but I also love sport climbing. You get something a bit different from each type of climbing, and it’s great to be able to transition between the various styles depending on how you’re feeling and what your goals are.

What are your main ambitions with your role?

My main ambition is to have a positive influence on the development of coaching pathways in Scotland. I’m keen for both current and future athletes to have the best support whether they want to apply their skills on rock or in competition.