Lucy Ross

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Tell us about your connection with climbing? 

It’s my all, my love, my passion… my life.

Why do you like climbing?

It makes me happy. More than anything else in this world, climbing gives me the happy.

How did you get involved in climbing?

When I was just a wee whipper snapper, my dad made the greatest decision and introduced me to climbing.

What is your favourite type of climbing?

Outside sport or bouldering. Love them equally, I couldn’t choose, don’t make me choose, its not fair. All I know is, just not trad climbing.

What made you want to work in climbing?

Why not do what you love all the time rather than just the weekends. Like all…. the…. time!

What made you want to join the ClimbScotland team?

Cos ClimbScotland is mint innit!

What is your role?

The Head, The Chief, The Master, The Boss of Route Setting

What do you like about working with the team?

Ach they are aryt 😉

What is your main ambitions with your role?

To make comp climbing in Scotland EPIC!